Interview with the songwriter behind Diamond Rings and Old Barstools, Pontoon, Girls Chase Boys and

Hello If you read yesterdays blog you will know all about my dissertation which I’m hoping to publish as a book this year entitled Controversy in Country Music:Politics, Religion and Social Issues and the Changing Fan Demographic. As part of my research I spent an hour with hit writer Barry Dean in Nashville chatting to him about Country Songwriting and the themes and case studies examined in my dissertation. I have split the interview into two parts due to the length with the first instalment focussing on Barry’s experience as a writer and the second being more focussed on controversies in Country music. I really could not have done my research without Barry’s help and I’m very grateful to

Interview with hit songwriter Jessi Alexander!

Hello! As promised I have lots of interviews from Buckle and Boots coming up, however I’ve been dying to bring you this next interview for so long and I just couldn’t wait any longer! As many of you know I have just finished my final year of uni which also means I just finished my dissertation. On my travels to Nashville back in April I had the opportunity to interview two of my favourite writers for my dissertation research, Jessi Alexander and Barry Dean and now I’ve got my results back I can share those interviews with you (I ran the risk of being accused of plagiarising myself before, bizarre I know!). So here is my interview with the “I Drive Your Truck” and “The Climb” songwriter. Tomo

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