Morgan Evans tells us his mid-gig thoughts and discusses his songwriting process!

Hello! Morgan Evans is fast becoming an international star, winning the CMA International Artist of the year back in 2016. The Australian born singer-songwriter now resides in Nashville with fiancé Kelsea Ballerini and has wowed fans both in Australia and the US. Back in June he played his first ever UK show at Buckle and Boots and the crowd loved him, he was one of the most talked about acts of the weekend and he was a lovely guy who had time to talk to his new found fans. Luckily he also had time to chat to us and you can have a listen above. His single Kiss Somebody, which you can hear in the background of the video is out now and available on iTunes at the following link. https://itunes.

Victoria Banks talks songwriting and her bid to get streaming services to credit the creators!

Hello Many of you may have seen the petition doing the rounds on Facebook recently titled "Apple Music: Please Add Song Credits To Your Platform." I know some of my wonderful readers have already signed it and to date it has over 83,000 signatures! When it first popped up on my feed I signed straight away and was eager to find out more about it and to see the outcome. On further investigation I discovered that the writer behind the petition was none other than Victoria Banks who has co-written Daddy's Little Girl for The Shires, Saints and Angels for Sara Evans and Come On Over by Jessica Simpson as well as having her own successful artist career. I was eager to catch up with her and find ou

Interview with Angaleena Presley!

Hello! One of the most interesting and outspoken singer-songwriters in Country music today is Angaleena Presley. That is what I love about her, her songs are filled with witty lyrics and subtle little digs at the music industry which could in the hands of the wrong writer come across as whining however the way Angaleena carefully crafts each lyric and how she tells the stories behind the songs live on stage has the audience in uproar! The fact is, she’s right! At the sage she spoke of imagining growing up without Dolly Parton, Martina McBride and Reba McEntire, imagine a world without those strong independent females she said, that’s what today’s generation are missing out on. And a big fact

Interview with the legend's daughter, Ashley Campbell!

Hello! This past weekend I’ve been at FSA Fest where some fantastic UK Country acts were taking to the stage. However today I want to share with you one of my favourite interviews I’ve ever done which took place last weekend at the Summertyne Americana Festival in Gateshead. There was a fantastic lineup across the three days but the person I was most excited to see was Ashley Campbell daughter of Country music legend Glen Campbell. Now my Gran and Grandad were big fans of his music and as I grew up my Gran introduced me to some of his records so when I first heard that his daughter was a musician and that she was coming over to the UK to play I had to see her, that was back at C2C 2016 on th

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