Noah Schnacky tells us the stories behind Comeback and Where'd You Go!

Noah Schnacky is the Prince Charming of Country Music, by his own admission a romantic who is sure to rise to the top of his genre by singing about his quest to find true love! On stage he wows and woo's his audience, particularly the ladies as he sings exactly what a girl wants to hear whilst handing out roses. He certainly swept me off my feet at C2C last year and again at CMA Fest in June. I was gutted not to see him again at this year's C2C but comforted in the knowledge that Noah was releasing new music and planning to comeback (see what I did there?) at the earliest opportunity that he could! In our second interview Noah talks about how he's been thinking of his fans during Lockdown a

Gretchen Peters talks about her new album and tells us how she's been keeping busy in Lockdown!

Gretchen took some time out of her day last week to talk to us about her new album which features the Songs of Mickey Newbury! She talked us through the recording process and how it was different from the records featuring her own songwriting. She also talked us through her routine during Lockdown. This record is very different from your previous records in the way that all the songs are written by Mickey Newbury, we hear none of your originals. What made you decide to make this album and to feature Mickey’s music in particular? I have been a Mickey Newbury fan since I was in my late teens, I loved his music, not just his songs but his own records as well since then. I got the idea in my hea

Tommy Emmanuel discusses his new album Tommysongs!

Tommy Emmanuel, the award winning Australian guitarist took time out of his day last week to talk us through his writing process behind the songs on his new record Tommysongs, including Song For A Rainy Morning. He's been keeping very busy during lockdown, writing for a film and making videos for his fans to teach them how to play some of these songs on this album. He discussed his mid-gig thoughts with us and shared some advice on how to be a songwriter! So I know you started playing and touring at a very young age with your family, can you tell me a bit about what that was like? Yes I was the youngest, my eldest brother Chris was on drums, my sister played the lap steel guitar and my broth

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