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Country Music Represented at Biden's Inauguration!

It was announced today that Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard will perform their latest collaboration, 'Undivided', at Biden's inauguration. The "Celebrating America" concert aims to unite the Country whilst giving thanks to those who have been on the frontline during this pandemic. McGraw and Hubbard's second collaboration, after 2016's success 'May We All', combines their unique voices once again into a feel-good track. It's a perfect track for this particular celebration as it calls for self-reflection during these uncertain times. Hubbard wrote this while he quarantined due to a positive Cover test. The song is full of hope despite the turmoil he was personally experiencing and the pair execute the message so well.

McGraw and Hubbard are not the only Country stars to grace the stage of the inauguration as Garth Brooks also represents the genre. It has caused a lot of controversy amongst his predominantly republican fan base with many stating they will stop listening to his music now. However Brooks says he is performing as the concert is all about unity and that he might be the only republican in attendance.

We'll keep you updated with how their performances come across but for now, check out McGraw and Hubbard's Undivided here!


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