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Jaime Wyatt Embraces Queer Love With Defiant New Single 'Love Is A Place'

Jaime Wyatt releases new single ahead of 'Feel Good' album release

Jaime Wyatt has today released her new single 'Love Is A Place', taken off her upcoming album, 'Feel Good' due November 3rd.

'Feel Good' is filled with joy and pushes Wyatt's sound to new sonic and emotional heights, while fusing classic roots, southern soul, and vintage R&B.

Wyatt fully embraces that notion of musical effervescence with the grooving end of summer love song 'Love Is A Place' where she expresses her experience learning to love another woman.

Wyatt originally wrote the ecstatic work of healing and self-acceptance 'Love Is A Place' on the piano and considers it to be one of her favourite songs off of her upcoming record.

Wyatt has a love-hate relationship with her new home Nashville, Tennessee but with 'Love Is A Place' she’s taking a defiant stand for herself and her queer community and their innate right to 'Feel Good'.

This new album is undoubtedly her most ambitious album yet where Wyatt pushes her sound to new sonic and emotional heights.

Furthermore, it’s the first time Wyatt has explicitly written with her intended queer-friendly pronouns since coming out publicly on her 2020 breakthrough 'Neon Cross'.


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