Artist by artist on the spotlight stages at C2C!

Country 2 Country is drawing ever closer and just before Christmas we saw more additions to the line up as many of the spotlight stage artists were announced. As always we’re going to give you a little information about each and every artist including a recommended song to get you started on your research, this will help you plan your weekend’s schedule! Mitchell Tenpenny Friday’s first spotlight artist is Mitchell Tenpenny. Born in Nashville Tennessee, his Grandmother Donna Hilley, was a music publishing executive who introduced young Mitchell to some great writers such as Curly Putman thus inspiring Mitchell to pursue a similar career. Now signed to a joint venture with Riser House and Col

Cats on the big screen!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats has successfully been played out in theatres around the World since 1981. When the show opened on Broadway it received mixed reviews but still went on to be a commercial success and all these years later, the film based on the show (which was based on poems written by TS Eliot) was released in cinemas to mixed reviews. Though most of the negative criticisms were aimed towards the shows CGI effect, Lloyd Webber couldn’t help but get caught up in the cross fire but his musical masterpiece continues to live on in another form. So what were other journalists saying? Well, to be frank there was some lazy journalism going on, comments such as “there’s no people in it” we

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