One World Together at Home Unites the World with Music!

The One World Together at Home concert took place last night, here in the U.K. it was streamed on YouTube between 7pm last night and 3am this morning but it was well worth the sleep loss for those who stayed up! The show included artists from all around the World who performed in their own living rooms and in their own languages. Early highlights included performances from Jennifer Hudson who sung a beautiful rendition of Memory a song which she received praise for when she performed it as Grizabella in the film of Cats last year. Andrew Lloyd Webber himself took to Twitter last night to applaud her rendition. Jessi J sung to a backing track in her living room and praised key workers and enc

Lockdown Latest: Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton lead the way in donating to find a cure for coronavir

Since the pandemic began we have seen both the best and worst of humanity, the worst displayed in the selfishness of panic buyers and the best displayed in the health care professionals and the kindness of people reaching out to those worst affected. Celebrities are leading the way with the latter and as medical researchers all around the World scramble to find a cure money is needed and is being provided by some of the music industries biggest stars. Recently P!nk told the harrowing story of how her and her son recovered from Covid 19 and upon her recovery donated $500,000 to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund, the hospital that her mother worked at and $500,000 to the City of LA

Lockdown Latest: Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber teams up with new YouTube channel to bring all of his musi

In these uncertain times we have very little distraction to help us escape the current situation. The things that used to help us relax, music, sport and theatre have all shut down as the U.K. is in Lockdown and many of the self employed people in these industries are suffering financially in this crisis. Luckily, one of the leading lights of the creative industries is leading the way in alleviating our boredom and helping us escape the World for a little while as he releases all of his musicals for 48 hours each weekend. This past weekend we were treated to Lloyd Webber’s first musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which originated as a 20 minute pop cantata written for a s

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