Ashley Campbell talks to us about The Lonely One and planning her second album!

The Long Road was full of talented singer-songwriters but also very talented musicians, Charlie Worsham is a fantastic guitarist who's backed so many artists before making it as a successful frontman himself and Striking Matches are renowned for their mesmerising playing abilities. However those who had never seen Ashley Campbell before were pleasantly surprised by her banjo skills, a skill she developed whilst touring with her Dad, Glen Campbell. Despite her banjo skills getting the crowd talking, her songwriting also led the crowd on a journey, particularly during her set in the packed out Honky Tonk bar. When we first met at a festival in Gateshead over a year ago now Ashley was still in

Charlie Worsham talks mid-gig thoughts and his starstruck writing moments!

On the few occasions that I've had the pleasure of seeing Charlie Worsham perform live he has instantly won the audience over. He has an endearing personality that shines through on stage and so I was eager to catch up with him at The Long Road to find out more about the Mississippi native who loves the UK audiences almost as much as they love him! He won me over straight away as he complemented my phone case which has Guinea pigs on it, a conversation ensued about the furry friends before and after our five minute interview! Despite the busy schedule Charlie had that day it was wonderful to see his eyes light up as he talked about his influences, the passion for music shone through. Read on

Interview with Aaron Watson at The Long Road

When Carrie cancelled her headline set at The Long Road I'm sure, like me, most of you were gutted, though our main priority was wishing her a speedy recovery there was much speculation as to who would fill her boots! That man was Aaron Watson. Now I'd seen Aaron before and knew that he had what it takes, he's full of energy and passion for the music he makes. I was excited to talk to him before the festivities kicked off on Saturday morning and it started off on the right foot as I walked into the stable block (the press room) and Aaron instantly said "I love your shirt" - it was a Taylor Swift t-shirt, my favourite artist! Now to find out what else our new headliner listens to in his spare

Introducing the CMA Songwriters!

Every year at C2C one of the highlights of the weekend actually occurs the night before on the Thursday in the Indigo when the CMA brings over five of the best songwriters in Country music today. So of course many were delighted when, as part of country Music Week, the CMA were hosting another one of their songwriters series and this time the four writers are not only going to play in London but in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Gateshead as well. So we’re here to give you more information about the four going on tour this year! And if you haven’t already got your tickets, we’re hoping this will persuade you to get a move on and buy some! Like always the host of the round has had multipl

The Long Road review!

When a new Country festival gets announced in the UK there are mixed reactions, of course you have the initial excitement from many fans alongside the doubts of what kind of artists a new venture can attract, which of course leads to the UK/US Country argument. However when you hear that Mr Baylen Leonard is involved with the planning and organisation of the event, you know you’re in for a great time with a stellar line up! And Baylen didn’t let us down, drawing acts like Lee Ann Womack, Aaron Watson and Danielle Bradbery not to mention Carrie Underwood and despite her being ill and unable to appear, the very fact she took a chance on a new festival says a lot about the reputation of it’s or

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