Merry Swiftmas: Taylor Swift drops her 7th masterpiece, sorry, album and demonstrates her Songwritin

“Merry Swiftmas” I proclaimed yesterday morning as I picked up a copy of Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album Lover the minute doors opened at the local record store, sporting a Taylor Swift t-shirt and my reputation socks! HMV sold out of copies quickly in Manchester but according to one article online Taylor’s star is falling, the pop-stars career is crashing rapidly... seriously? This is an artist who sold a million copies a week before it even came out! So far critics have said such things as ‘It’s too long” and “it’s too samey” do they know what they’re talking about? Who employed these people? No wonder Taylor hates the press!! Tay, I promise we’re not all that bad! So read this whilst

Taylor Swift releases title track a week before 7th album is released! Here's our thoughts...

Taylor Swift introduced us to her new era a few months ago with the release of Me! featuring Brandon Urie. In the music video she dropped lots of little Easter eggs for us to find about this next chapter and now many of those little hints are starting to come together and make sense! The album's title Lover was written almost as a big flashing neon sign in the middle of the video and today the title track, which is the fourth track we've heard from this record so far was released. If we thought with the release of Reputation that the old Taylor really was dead, well then with Lover she is back from the dead. The song lacks synths and electronic influence and goes closer to Taylor's roots wit

Sarah Darling talks to us about the making of Wonderland.

It's always a pleasure to catch up with Sarah Darling and to see her back once again at SummerTyne Americana Festival up in Gateshead! She was keen to chat to us about her latest album Wonderland and what's next! Since we last spoke you've released a new album Wonderland, can you tell me about the process of writing and recording that record? Yes, oh my goodness I can't believe it's out! First of all it's one of the sweetest releases for me because of the time and being away from home, basically over the last five years of my life I've been touring over in England more than the States. So I thought I'd write and record my next album after Dream Country in the UK so all of last year I was in

Lauren Alaina talks Onesie's and who she'd most like to collaborate with!

I expected good things from Lauren Alaina at SummerTyne Americana Festival but she lived up to my expectations and flew beyond them with her eclectic and energetic set. I've seen artists do some good covers and even some good mashups but Lauren Alaina took it to a new level not to mention the iconic original material that sandwiched it, Ladies in the 90's, Road Less Travelled and singing solo the duet Lauren and Kane brown took to number 1 a couple of years ago! I was more than impressed with Lauren and was delighted to catch up with her backstage at the Sage, this was a real fun interview! I wondered if you could start at the beginning and tell me about the first moment when you knew you wa

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