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Sonia Leigh returns with new single Walking in the Moonlight!

Hit Songwriter Sonia Leigh is back with a brand new single Walking in the Moonlight. The writer who wrote such hits as Sweet Annie and Goodbye in her Eyes for the Zac Brown Band and has had international success with her solo career has returned with a new single...oh and it's not Country. In fact this latest single is far from her Country roots, with its electronic instrumentation, it feels like a whole new era for Sonia all the while those distinct vocals that have impressed audiences all over the World remain prominent. Somehow Sonia always seems to channel her fun loving personality into her songs and this new song demonstrates her versatility as a Songwriter. It intensifies our thirst for the new album which promises to be an eclectic mix of top quality songs. Check out the single on spotify, apple, amazon and google play.

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