NYC to Nash!

How did a New York born and raised, musical theater geek end up living in Nashville writing

and performing country music? Honestly, I'm not even sure myself!

I grew up in the quintessential suburban neighborhood outside of New York City. My parents

grew up in the same area and so did their parents - all New Yorkers through and through. My

mom has a love of all things Broadway and took my sisters and I to numerous shows

throughout the years. I remember sitting spellbound through Les Mis (my mom's all time

favorite show) at the age of 5. If you ask me, that was pretty risky to take a 5 year old to such a long and (at times) dark show. This was no "Little Mermaid" but nonetheless I was hooked!

I was always a bit of a ham and will admit, I still don't mind being the center of attention.

There is a photo of a very young Molly (maybe 5 or 6) sitting on my cousins lap, hands

clasped around a big microphone singing "My Heart Will Go On" at my aunt and uncles

anniversary party. Move over Celine Dion! When my elementary school was doing a talent

show I took a pass on joining all my friends in a group number and opted for a solo,

choreographed dance to "Ease on Down the Road" from "The Wiz" complete with a

scarecrow costume! It's safe to say that video is out there still.

Fast forward to my junior year at Wagner College where I was studying theatre performance.

Due to a pretty light schedule I decided I would intern at a casting agency called House

Casting. From there I was introduced to Nefertiti Jones and Jimi Bones of JonesBones

Productions, and incredible pair of songwriters and musicians. Fast forward a few weeks and the next thing I knew, we were writing and recording my first EP, "Red, White & Booze". From that experience I was totally hooked on this industry that was entirely foreign to me. I finished school, began to focus on my music and tackle this tough but exciting journey.

After spending a year going back and forth to Nashville about once a month, I realized it was

time to bite the bullet and head on down full time. Before driving down here I released my

newest EP "Dancing With Strangers" and finished off a summer tour throughout the

Northeast. Then I packed the car and made my move. Now that I am here my song "CHUG" is

charting at number 14 on the New Music Weekly charts and I could not be more proud. While

this transition has been crazy (THAT would be an entirely different blog post) I could not be

more happy with my decision to transition down here and I am so excited for what's ahead!

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