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Emma Swindells tops iTunes Country chart with new EP Radio Silence!

On Friday UK Country singer Emma Swindells released her EP Radio Silence which went straight to number 1 on the iTunes Country charts. Emma has impressed audiences across the UK at various festivals and is known for her skills on the banjo. Her latest offering features five brand new tracks that her fans are going to love especially when they hear them live this year at festivals and gigs.

The EP opens with the title track, an upbeat Country Rock track dominated by an electric guitar riff. Emma’s vocals are strong, the chorus lifts and the use of backing vocals helps to step the song up a level and the production and arrangement is very well thought out especially when it breaks down imitating soundcheck, the effects on the vocals here really add to the track. Lover and My Best Friend follows, the story telling in this song is great, Emma conveys the feeling of hurt and shock as oppose to what artists usually convey in this type of story - anger and revenge so it’s a nice change.

In Carry Your Load we hear the Banjo (which Emma is known for) for the first time. The melody of this song is really catchy and it’s a defiant, independent song telling the story of finally having enough of supporting and doing everything for a person and saying no I wont carry your load. My favourite song on the EP is Disappear, Emma’s vocals are the best I’ve heard them on this track and the harmonies on the chorus are just beautiful. She conveys the emotion brilliantly. The EP concludes with Lost For Words, again the melody in this particular track especially in the verses sticks in your head, in the chorus the melody reminds me a little bit of Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. The production and arrangement across the EP is very thoughtful, helping to emphasise different sections of the songs and the emotions.

Emma is fast becoming one of the ones to watch in UK Country. You can buy her EP by pressing the button below.


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