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Molly Adele Brown releases new single with a powerful message Me Too!


There has been so much in the news over the past few months about well respected people in their chosen industry who have abused their position by taking advantage and sexually harassing them and thinking they are untouchable because of their status, making the victims afraid to come forward. But that is now changing, and people are standing up to the perpetrators. It has been a scandal that has affected politics on both sides of the pond, the film industry and the music industry but the Me Too campaign on social media has demonstrated how widespread the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace really is. Though the hashtag was started to spread awareness and empathy it has empowered women and begun to change laws.

Musicians are leading the way with this call for change and one Nashville new comer, Molly Adele Brown, has penned a track along with songwriters Tim Angston and Tim Baumgartner to address the issue. Their track entitled Me Too was originally written from a fathers perspective although it’s Molly’s vocals you hear on the final production. Musically the song has a memorable chorus, a strong hook. The piano based ballad talks about protecting the person and how they hope they’ll never have to say me too. The production is quite sparse which suits the song content well as the lyrics and the message are at the forefront of the song. The backing vocals towards the end of the song sung by Tim Angston and Molly are really effective and add to the message as it feels like many voices coming together to deliver the message.

The single comes out on January 24th, buy it, listen to it’s message and show your support.

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