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In a Nut Shell: The Big Entrance Stage

When you first walk in to the O2 for Country 2 Country you're greeted by the sound of Country Music and it's lovely to see the look of surprise, awe and amazement on people's faces if it's their first time at the festival. They're surprised by the greeting and the magical transformation of the O2. This year it is mainly UK Country acts that will greet people on the Big Entrance stage and below is a little it more about each one, just in case they are new names to you!

The Blue Highways

Another homegrown act from Harrow in London will play at C2C this year. They’re a fairly new band on the scene, they were only formed last year but have released a single and a Live EP already. They lean more into the Americana genre and have received backing from the AMA and played at their showcase earlier in the year.

Recommended Song:

Take Me Away

Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Sat - 14.30

Icon - Sun - 13.40

Copper Viper

We stick with the London based bands here. Copper Viper describe themselves as Folk and use very traditional instruments such as mandolin and fiddle and the duo has great harmonies. They released their second single just before Christmas called Fly and have recorded in Washington with Grammy award winning producers and engineers.

Recommended Song:

Hung Up Alone

Stages and Timings:

Icon - Sat - 11.00, Sun - 14.20

Big Entrance - Sun - 11.10

Foreign Affairs

Country Rock Duo from Bristol, made up of brothers Adam and Lawrence Purnell have been creating quite a buzz for the past year or so. Endorsed by the likes of Bob Harris and with their latest EP and single performing well on streaming services, this is definitely a band to watch as they may well be going places!

Recommended Song:


Stages and Timings:

Icon - Fri - 14.40, Sat - 12.20

Big Entrance - Sat - 13.50

Holly Rose Webber

Holly comes from a very musical background with her Dad being the lead singer of the psychedelic rock band wally who were signed to Atlantic Records back in the 70s. But it’s the Country genre that has got Holly gripped in music. She takes influence from a number of genres and writes a lot with Nashville based writers but is originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Recommended Song:

Love Ain’t Enough

Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Sat - 10.30

Icon - Sun - 11.00

Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress is probably the newest of the new comers as she exclaimed on social media that this would be her first festival ever! The Boot have named her an artist to watch in 2019 and she has been involved in the CMT Next Women of Country campaign. Although she has released music in the States I haven’t been able to locate it on the usual platforms here in the UK so you’re just going to have to pop along to her set and pick up a good old fashioned CD (possibly signed!) Like I will be doing!

Recommended Song: -

Stages and Timings:

Town Square -

Big Entrance -

Kaylee Bell

We really are Country 2 Country with artists visiting us from all over the World! Originally from New Zealand Kaylee Bell has written with Morgan Evans and opened the show for The Dixie Chicks and performed with Keith Urban on two of his tours. She has had over ten top 10 singles on the Australian Country charts and has caught the attention of the likes of Carrie Underwood.

Recommended Song:

Getting Closer

Stages and Timings:

Town Square - Fri - 13.40

Big Entrance - Sat - 12.30

Kenny Foster

Kenny Foster is an artist that has taken a lot of time over his music, this can only be a good thing and when an album takes 14 years to make well you know the artist has put everything they had into that record. Kenny has worked with some great writers and producers including Mitch Dane.

Recommended Song:


Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Fri - 15.20

Town Square - Sat - 14.30

Megan O’Neill

Originally from Ireland, Megan O’Neill has been making waves in the UK scene in the past couple of years. She has worked with the likes of Ben Earle of The Shires and had a single released through Decca Records but most recently it’s her cover of Little Big Town’s Girl Crush that has been doing the rounds on social media and has done well on streaming services.

Recommended Song:

Ghost of You

Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Sat - 11.10

Icon - Sat - 15.00, Sun - 12.20


When a band gets the approval of Bob Harris you know they’re going to be good! Well Morganway have impressed him on many of an occasion and their blend of genres means they appeal to a wide audience. Once again it’s good to see some homegrown talent greeting C2C attendees as they walk through the door of the O2.

Recommended Song:

My Love Aint Gonna Save You

Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Sat - 11.50

Icon - Sun - 11.40

Robert Vincent

Robert hails from this side of the pond! The Liverpudlian has caught the attention of Bob Harris and has won Americana Music Association Awards in the past. He’s been releasing music since 2013 and has been climbing up the ladder of success ever since! It’s always nice to see some homegrown talent on the festival stages so don’t miss Robert!

Recommended Song:

So in Love

Stages and Timings:

Town Square - Sun - 11.10

Big Entrance - Fri - 14.00, Sat - 15.50

The Adelaides

After recently wrapping up a tour of the UK supporting Charles Esten from the hit TV show Nashville Birmingham based The Adelaides have been going from strength to strength since they broke out onto the UK Country scene. This isn’t their first time at C2C and are back by popular demand! They are influenced by The Dixie Chicks, Maren Morris and Rascal Flatts.

Recommended Song:

Clean Sheets

Stages and Timings:

Town Square - Sat - 11.50

Big Entrance - Fri - 16.00, Sun - 13.10

Noble Jacks

From what I’ve been told Noble Jacks records are good… but nowhere near as good as their live shows! The fiddle driven duo are full of energy and perfect for a festival setting with foot stomping tunes. They have played festivals such as Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Bestival and are ready to take the C2C stage by storm!

Recommended Song:

The Blacksmith Stomp

Stages and timings:

Big Entrance - Sun - 13.50

Sam Lewis

If you are really committed to your research, you could catch Sam Lewis right now as he’s currently touring the UK. Based in Nashville he has released a couple of records which he’s recorded in Zac Brown’s Southern Ground studio and had some of Country music’s best musicians play on his albums.

Recommended Song:

One and the Same

Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Sat - 13.10, Sun - 12.30

CC Smugglers

I have seen this band on a number of occasions, all at festivals and they really suit that environment. This is another high energy, foot-stomping kind of Country group! They started off as street performers, buskers from Bedfordshire in the UK which probably explains their energy, of course if you’re busking you’re trying everything in your power to get people to look up, stop and throw a coin in!

Recommended Song:

Good Day

Stages and Timings:

Big Entrance - Fri - 14.40, Sun - 15.10


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