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Maren Morris talks about her upcoming UK tour and her favourite co-writers!

Maren Morris first visited these shores at C2C 2016, at the time she'd had a big hit with My Church and though the single was still gathering traction both here and in the States we were only just getting to know Maren. She seemed overwhelmed by the queue of people waiting to chat to her at the end of the Bluebird sessions. Now she is a mega-star in Country music, headlining festivals across the States and collaborating with artists from across all genres to achieve chart success in many countries including here in the UK (The Middle peaked at #7 on the UK Singles chart last year). Back in March she released her sophomore album and is about to embark on another tour across the UK and she is very excited about it, read on to find out who her favourite collaborators are and what she's most looking forward to on this tour!

On your latest album who were your favourite writers to write with?

I wrote with a lot of the same songwriters as I did on my debut because they’re my friend’s and I always have such an amazing time writing with them. However I wrote with a few new writers this time including Sarah Aarons who I met through working on The Middle with Zedd last year and Greg Kurstin who produced and writes with Adele, Beck and Foo Fighters. There’s definitely some newer, fresher elements on this record but I’ve really loved writing with everyone and I think that each song is unique and we tried to make a really versatile album so you’re not listening to 13 of the same song in a row we really tried to make it a wide, diverse record.

On stage are you completely focused, or do you let your mind wonder?

I would say I’m focused, I just try to look out at the crowd and make a connection with every person I can while I have those 90 minutes up there and I never try to be on autopilot in any shows. I also want to emote and connect with the song each time I sing it and often at times to keep myself interested I’ll change up melodies and never try to sing the same thing twice so each show is unique. I’d say I’m pretty focused up there making everyone in the crowd feel like they connected to me even for a brief moment.

What can the audience expect from the upcoming UK tour?

We’re so thrilled to get back over there it’s probably been a year and a half since we’ve done a whole UK tour. So I’m excited to come back and hit those cities again and we’re actually ending the entire leg of the tour in London so it’s going to be a really special couple of weeks.

The Royal Albert Hall is a very special venue, has it always been on your tick list to perform there?

Yeah I mean the Royal Albert Hall is just a historic venue – I’ve never actually been there I’ve just seen so many videos of concerts there and it’s such a bucket list venue for me. To end the tour in one of THE most beautiful venues is definitely a dream come true and I think it’s going to be a really emotional one as it’s the last show. I’m just excited to share that experience with the UK fans.

What has been your highlight so far? Is there a particular show or song that you’ve enjoyed performing?

We started the tour the day after my album came out so I think my favourite part of the tour has been seeing how the album has become more familiar with the fans who have had more time to listen to it now, seeing which songs are becoming the fan favourites in the show. So for me as the writer and the artist it’s fun for me to watch each crowd and see which songs are really resonating each week that goes by. Every single crowd has been wonderful and just so excited, the energy is just so positive. It’s like everyone is having this kind of spiritual experience together and no show has been the same for us, so it’s been really refreshing.

Have you got a message for the UK fans?

I love you guys so much and I wish I could be there all year round. Each time we come back to the UK, the crowds get bigger and bigger and the rooms get louder and louder. It’s super heart-warming and validating for me as an American to bring my version of Country Music and song writing to the UK and have it be so accepted. I think at each show we are going to have an amazing time and to end the tour with you guys in London at the Royal Albert Hall is going to be very emotional!

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