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In a Nutshell: Country Music Week Hub at C2C 2020!

Catherine McGrath

One of, if not, the most successful UK Country acts is Catherine McGrath. Again, this is not her first rodeo. Her debut album Talk of this Town peaked at number 13 in the UK all genres chart and she has worked extensively with hit US Country writer Liz Rose.

Recommended Song: Grace


There’s not a lot of info out there about Filmore but after seeing him live myself I can tell you that he’s a very exciting, upcoming artist in Country music. I guarantee he is someone who will be talked about for all the right reasons come the end of the festival and will be one of the highlights of the weekend for the majority!

Recommended Song: Love That About You

Gabby Barrett

I was delighted when Gabby Barrett was announced, one of the next big stars to come out of Nashville she has had success after appearing on American Idol. However she hasn’t just got a strong and unique voice, she is a great songwriter too - the full package artist! And she is sure to be asked, when are you coming back?

Recommended Song: the very cleverly written I Hope

Noah Schnacky

Noah really impressed me both last year and at CMA Fest too, he writes beautiful love songs and hands out roses, every girl in the crowd will be dreaming about him after his performance. He is well practiced with his songs but also with his on stage talk.

Recommended Song: Maybe We Will

Tenille Arts

It’s a good year for the Canadians with another on the line up, Tenille Arts! Tenille has been plugging away at the music industry since around 2009 when in high school she started posting cover versions of songs such as Taylor Swift’s 15 which caught the attention of talent managers in Nashville. It wasn’t until 2015 though that she really started to get her career off the ground. Now she has had chart success with a number of songs and has been recognised by the Canadian CMA.

Recommended Song: Somebody Like That

Alex Hall

Alex comes from Gainsborough in the state of Georgia, he doesn’t like to be compared to other artists as he has a unique blend of influences from Keith Urban to Bruce Springsteen. He’s signed to Monument Records and is currently in the studio working with one of the best writers and producers in the World, Shane McAnally.

Recommended song: Half Past You

Kylie Morgan

Kylie is another one of our CMA KixStart Scholarship artists, completing the set of three! Kylie is from Oklahoma and has been writing songs since she was 12 years old. She is now signed to EMI Records she is also signed to SMACKsongs publishing which is part owned by Shane McAnally so she has some of the best mentors around!

Recommended Song: Boys Girl

Niko Moon

We’ve already touched on Niko on some of our other articles about C2C but in short, he is an extremely talented singer-songwriter who’s most notable work is probably the songs released by the Zac Brown Band. As an artist himself he is on the cusp of releasing new music.

Recommended Song: Good Time

Austin Jenckes

Originally from a small town in Washington Austin writes some incredible bluesy-country lyrics that are really relatable. He’s worked with the likes of Lori McKenna and performed alongside Ashley McBryde and The Cadillac Three to name a few. He is also a former Voice contestant.

Recommended Song: Fat Kid

Leslie Stevens

I’m really intrigued by Leslie Stevens, not an artist I was familiar with before the announcement and the information that’s out there about her seems to be written in riddles almost! Apparently she has songs about Donkey’s and Driving in Heaven, what I have heard I like so I’m excited to see her live and find out more about her!

Recommended Song: 12 Feet High


Well we all know Twinnie by now don’t we? She’s an exciting British artist who has some great songs, she’s also written for The Shires in the past and you may recognise her face from Hollyoaks. Her British blend of Country-Pop is fresh and exciting and her down to earth stage presence is endearing to the audience.

Recommended Song: Better When I’m Drunk


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