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Mickey Guyton releases (what should be) the song of the year!

Country Radio Seminar 2020 saw a number of stellar performances from a number of country stars but the stand out moment that had radio executives on their feet was Mickey Guyton’s performance of a brand new song “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” A song about inequality in the World particularly for Women, so it’s ironic that the very people keeping women from getting heard on the radio were the ones giving Mickey a standing ovation. Nether the less two weeks after that jaw dropping performance and Mickey has released a studio recording of the song. The song has an incredible team behind it, all women of course! It was co-written by Mickey, Emma-Lee, Victoria Banks and Karen Kosowski and was also produced by Karen Kosowski. It is a piano based power ballad, and the production is kept simple to allow room for the lyrics to really hit home. Mickey’s vocal range and magnificent vocal belt in the chorus’ really add to the emotion and desperation of the songs lyrics. The lyrics in the verse address a number of current issues, it references homophobia and racism as well as sexism and the me too movement. It’s a typical Country song in the sense that lyrically it’s well thought out and very clever. However this song has been tipped as song of the year and so it should be, this is the most important song that’s been released in our generation, it says so much in 3 minutes and 13 seconds and if this doesn’t make people sit up, listen and make a change, I don’t know what will. It’s a song that everyone needs to hear and it’s a song that has the power to make a difference and to heal. You didn’t need to read my review of this great song, you just need to listen to it and it will speak for itself! Bravo Mickey, Karen, Victoria and Emma-Lee, I hope it brings you the success you deserve.


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