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A relaxing weekend on Apple Music Country!

Apple Music are the good guys of the streaming world, they were the only streaming company not to challenge the CRB rate when it increased what songwriters should be paid by these companies. Now Apple is shining a spotlight on songwriters, publishers, session musicians and producers as it launched its 'Behind The Songs' platform on Friday (26/02). This new category pulls together all of this incredible music through Apple Music's key playlist brands: Songbook, Behind the Boards, and On the Session, and will allow songwriters, publishers, session musicians, and more to participate in regularly updated editorial features and promotions with Apple Music and its subscribers. The world of songwriting comes to life with Apple Music radio shows like Deep Hidden Meaning, hosted by the legendary Nile Rodgers and dedicated entirely to songwriters and their stories. Each month, Nile interviews songwriters about their biggest songs, spotlighting songwriters experiencing their first cut, and lauding songwriters from countries around the world. On Apple Music Country, songwriters like Luke Laird, host of Country Replay Radio, Little Bit Country host Jesse Frasure, and the newly launched Love Junkies Radio with Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, and Hillary Lindsey, take you behind the scenes of all things happening in Nashville and beyond. This platform really excites me; I love delving into the stories behind the songs and finding out who wrote them - linking them to other hit songs they were involved with. Apple have made that adventure more accessible and fun for music lovers! Check out the page HERE!

Also launching this weekend on Apple Music was Hunker Down Radio with Leslie Jordan. The actor and comedian was joined by country music songwriter Travis Howard. In the debut episode, Leslie talks about how he and his co-host Travis Howard met and the closest he’s gotten to meeting Elton John. Each one-hour episode gives a glimpse into Leslie’s life while serving up a hearty dose of country, gospel, and blues guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you feel like you’re part of the family. If you missed the first episode, catch it again HERE!

Also on Apple Music Country this past weekend: Joy Williams was joined by Madison Cunningham on her 'Southern Craft Radio' show on Sunday whilst Rissi Palmer was joined by Dr Jada Watson and Amanda Martinez on this weeks 'Color Me Country'.


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