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Jon Randall's 'Neon Texas' Review

In a four song collection, Texas native and hit songwriter Jon Randall showcases his relationship with his home state, encapsulating all that makes Texas such a unique and proud State.

The writer behind hits such as, ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ and ‘Am I The Only One’, delivers a record that takes you on a visual and sonic journey from the movie-like opening track ‘Tequila Kisses’ through to the closing track ‘Driving To Mexico’, which features prominent backing vocals from the talented Jessi Alexander.

The real standout on this record however is ‘Streets of Dallas’. The acoustic number gives room for Randall’s vocals to really deliver the emotion of the song. The detail in the descriptive lyrics and the way the slide guitar blends with the acoustic, arpeggiated guitar epitomises the sound of true country music.

The record is filled with nostalgia. My only criticism is it’s too short - I want to hear more great country music like this, I want to hear more from Jon! It’s a good job we haven’t got long to wait as Jon teams up with Miranda Lambert and Jack Ingram for the Marfa Tapes, due out May 7th.


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