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One Year on and Lady A Release Deluxe Version of Ocean!

Just a year on from the release of their critically acclaimed album, Ocean, Lady A have released 6 new songs on a deluxe version of the record. In what concludes a tumultuous year for the trio as they got caught up in a legal battle and their touring plans were halted due to the pandemic, the new songs which were released on Friday have already made a mark on the fans and the charts! Dave Haywood doubles as producer as well as performer on some of the additional tracks.

The trio team up with Thomas Rhett in the first of their new offerings, Heroes which pays homage to their musical idols that have passed away. The lyrics are strong and an accordion and Mandolin are prominent in the first chorus. This is followed by the current top ten single Champagne Night which was featured in the programme Songland. Co-written by Shane McAnally, it has a pop sensibility to it and you can hear why it’s become a favourite amongst the younger fan demographic in the United States, in fact there is 11 writers credited on this track. It boasts a really catchy chorus and it really could climb all the way up to the top spot! Underwater, written by Laura Veltz, Corey Sanders and UK writer Jon Green, who has written a number of songs for Lady A, takes the tone down a little bit. More of a ballad, it’s production is more stripped back whilst melodically the chorus still hooks the listener. Charles’ head voice is beautiful and his breathy vocals give it an air of vulnerability.

After their performance on “One World Together at Home” concert towards the start of Lockdown, the band have now released a new version of their song Let it be Love recorded from their separate houses. It is recorded to a high standard despite not being a studio recording, it’s beautiful and stripped back and holds more meaning given the current circumstances. This is followed by the Tiki Bar Version of Champagne Night which gives the song more of a reggae vibe. To conclude, we reminisce on what was once a big part of all of our lives - live music! If you can’t quite remember how exhilarating a live show is, particularly a live Lady A show, then this final track will bring it all back as they share a live version of their hit What If I Never Get Over You recorded at 3rd and Lindsley. It is a reminder of just what a powerful vocal group they are both recorded and live. This album, particularly the deluxe version, is one of their best to date. A decade of writing and recording together comes together with this most eclectic collection which boasts some of the catchiest choruses and most beautiful harmonies that the band has ever created.

The deluxe version of Ocean is out now! Take a listen here!


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