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The Hello Darlins enlist the help of Joey Landreth for latest single Aberdeen!

With their impeccable pedigree, The Hello Darlins continue to shake up the Americana and Roots music scene with each single they release leading up to the arrival of their full-length debut album, Go By Feel in 2021. Their latest offering, “Aberdeen,” (out now on digital platforms) features singer/guitarist Joey Landreth of The Bros. Landreth, the latest addition to The Hello Darlins collective, showing again how they’re living up to their reputation as “the Broken Social Scene of Americana.”

“Aberdeen” is a song about a horse, written by the Darlins’ co-founders, singer Candace Lacina and Hammond organist Mike Little. But what it’s really about is loyalty and friendship, and how to extend that beyond the boundaries of a ‘fence-line’ or lifetime. Candace explains, “When we played the demo for Joey Landreth, he got it right away. We recorded it in our home studio and he delivered such a heartfelt vocal, the way only Joey Landreth can.” 

Also appearing on the track is Tammy Rogers from The SteelDrivers who added a breathtaking mandolin part, with Mike Little contributing on accordion.

In Joey Landreth’s view, “The Hello Darlins is a collection of some of the finest musicians and people I know. Playing with them is a joy and recording this song and video was a blast.  This is such a beautiful song that weaves a delicate and complex story. Great music made by great people. It doesn’t get better than that!”

Check out the single on Spotify HERE!


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