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Roseanne Reid announces St Pancras Old Church show

Roseanne Reid to play St Pancras Old Church

Following the success of her latest album 'Lawside', Roseanne Reid has announced a special show at St Pancras Old Church in London on October 11th.

Her second album was released in June before Reid went out on the road with Steve Earle.

She also played Black Deer, Folk In The Park and The Long Road festivals this summer.

Named for the area of Dundee in which Roseanne and her family live, the new LP was recorded in Perth with producer, musician and fellow Scot David Macfarlane.

Last summer, Roseanne and her wife became the proud parents of a baby boy, who has, of course, reshaped their lives in the most joyful (and exhausting) ways.

The special guest opening for Roseanne Reid at St Pancras Old Church is Tom Webber.


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