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News Round Up and Recommendations!

Perhaps the biggest news today was that announcement from Luke Combs; he's streaming one of his concerts in full on Thursday at 8pm ET on facebook and youtube. The footage is taken from the tour that was cut short last year due to the pandemic, Combs wanted to share it with fans who are missing live music as much as he is! It'll be a late night for us in the UK who choose to tune in but it's worth it right?

A few singles have been released today including one from Esther Rose called 'Good Time'. This proceeds her album which is due out March 26th entitled 'How Many Times'. You can take a listen to this below!

Meanwhile, my attention was brought to Americana singer Sarah King today. A full review of her EP is sure to follow but I wanted her to be on your radar as soon as possible! So I thought I'd recommend you check out her music, she says her influences are "bourbon and bad decisions"! She's a singer with a lot to say, so you better start listening - I'm excited to hear more from King.

It's a busy week for me - interviews with Carly Pearce, for KING & COUNTRY and Bree Jaxson for various publications and I look forward to sharing those with you soon!


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