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Carly Pearce announces '29' due February 19th!

Carly Pearce announces new project ’29’ set to be released February 19th. In an emotive trailer, Pearce talked of the sadness of losing collaborator and friend, Busbee as well as her divorce from Michael Ray. These two events led to her “finding something deeper than the sadness” as she got back to her roots and to her truth - it was then that the songs began spilling out. Her single ‘Next Girl’ is currently climbing the US Country Radio and Streaming charts as she prepares for this next release. The project contains 7 songs, which came from a creative burst, inspired by working with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne - the producers of the record. “The best songs come from the moment, from real creative spark – and Josh and Shane bring it out of me,” Carly marvels. The pair also co-wrote four of the seven songs with Pearce. She has often spoken of her love of the strong women of the 90s, you can hear that influence in the writing and production of some of these songs whilst Pearce also pays homage to Busbee on ‘Show Me Around’. Pearce has enjoyed success from the off with chart-topping, platinum-certified hits such as ‘Every Little Thing’ and ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’; with her songwriting abilities and such a strong team around her I’m sure she will continue to go from strength to strength as she forges a new path with ’29’.



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