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New Music Friday!

Fridays are everybody's favourite day right? When it comes to music, it's a very busy day! Today was no exemption, Florida Georgia Line released their new record 'Life Rolls On' which is everything you expect from Florida Georgia Line and more. It's littered with earworm hooks and has a 'loving life' vibe to it. It stays true to the duo's Country roots whilst still managing to push the boundaries of the genre out a little bit. You can read my full review of the record over on Holler!

Kip Moore released the deluxe version of his fourth studio album, 'Wild World' today which featured four brand new tracks. The record has a brilliant feel to it, it feels live, arena-ready almost and Kip Moore's vocals are better than ever on this record.

Finally, Taylor Swift released the new version of 'Love Story' with many people saying they couldn't hear the difference between the 2008 version and the 2021 version. For me, I love how true she has stayed to her sound at the time and I do hear the differences however subtle they might be. The fiddle is what you notice in this re-recording, it was present in the original but has been given more space in this production. It's a much more crisp production, I feel it really shines a light on each instrument and its importance within the mix. Taylor's vocals, of course, have matured as well. It's so nice to hear these songs again under a spotlight that casts a slightly different shadow upon them! I can't wait to hear what she's done with the rest of the Fearless album and of course those 6 previously unreleased songs! Watch the lyric video below.


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